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Facts by ceramist Laila Rasmussen

Laila Rasmussen


Background and Inspiration

My background is an M.A. from Designskolen Kolding, where I specialized in ceramic design and form. Since followed many years of working with ceramics, giving most of my attention to mouling, movement and pattern.

I value a high degree of aesthetics and harmony, which is my signature on the ceramics as well as - not least - at touch of humour.

Many years of working with ceramics have given me great experience of outdoor environments.

It is exciting to explore the interaction between the ceramics and the artistic effects of Nature itself, as the ceramics can add an additional unexpected experience - at touch of personality and atmosphere in the garden.

The ceramics can either emphasize or break a whole and put life into the gernerally boring winter garden.

Materials and Techniques

The ceramics are made from stoneware clay and are baked at 1240 degrees Celsius. The high baking temperature causes the surface of the ceramics to close - and therefore they will not be able to absorb water and frost break.

Hence the ceramics can be left outside all the year round

I mainly work with modelled subjects, but I also use potter´s wheel-and casting techniques.

I have found new glazes for the ceramics by means of experiment and supplement with already mixed glazes.

The measurements of the ceramics on the photographs shown are between 30 and 50 cm.